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Morning mindset club 

Starting 2nd January 2024 at 7am over on zoom. 

Ready to start 2024 with a morning mindset routine that will set you up for success? 

You're in the right place!


Starting: 2nd January 2024 

We will begin each day with: 
🤍 Morning meditation

🤍 Daily gratitude 

🤍 Journal prompts:

A mix of reflection and getting clear about who we want to be. 

Morning Mindset Club is for you IF: 

You struggle to get yourself motivated in the morning and this filters into your WHOLE day 

You've been feeling in a bit of a funk recently and you want some support with shifting it 

You always tell yourself that you would like to create a positive morning routine and you start off well but you taper off after a few days

Implementing a morning routine was one of the first things I did when I embarked on my self development journey and I quickly realised how fundamental it has been to my productivity, positivity and overall success. 

The beauty of doing it as part of a small group allows for community and accountability (for me too 😅) because I know how easy it can be to break a promise to myself when no-one else will really find out about it! 

If you're ready to sign up .. click the button below to secure your spot and join the other ladies who are already IN! 

For just £37, you will get 24 morning mindset sessions as we will run from Tuesday 2nd January - Friday 2nd February so from just £1.55 a day. 


The benefits you can expect are: 
✨ Increased positivity

Increased productivity 

Sense of community

Pride in yourself for dedicating time to you at the beginning of each day 

So what are you waiting for? See you at 7am on January 2nd 😉 xxx


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