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Happy New Year!

I wanted to write this blog to share a different perspective with you about a New Year and all the furore of resolutions that comes with one! 

Instead of getting caught up in the usual, what do I want to achieve this year and setting yourself up with unrealistic expectations, I actually wanted to simplify it for you. 

Ask yourself 3 questions. 

  1. What do I want more of?

  2. What do I want less of? 

  3. How do I want to feel on December 31st, 2024? 

They might seem really simple but I promise you, those 3 questions can make 2024 a really good year for you. If that is your intention. Now you may think, well Lisa, surely I do want to have a good year...don't we all? And sometimes a good year isn't always what is required. 

You might feel like you want a year of growth and getting uncomfortable. 

You might want a year of just surviving as things are happening outside of your control. You might also want a year where you make some really challenging decisions that completely strip you of your comfort zone. The choice is up to you. 

But no matter the intention, answering those 3 questions can support you in whatever it is you are wanting to achieve. 

I always find it helpful to read other people examples of what they suggest and say so I will share some of mine, incase it is helpful for you too. 

  1. I’m calling in more peace. More joy. More time spent with people who I feel aligned with. I want more times where I feel like it is ok to rest. More time where I am present in the moment, just being, not focusing on what the next thing might be that I need to do. 

On the flip side then, this helps me curate a list of what I want less of: 

  1. I want to interact less with people who drain me and my energy.Less indirect conversations with others. Less time on my phone. Less perfectionism - more showing up messy.Less self doubt. 

Now sharing how I want to feel is going to be quite personal to me, to today and this season of my life … but here goes. 

  1. On December 31st, 2024 - I want to feel …. Peaceful, abundant, settled, healthy and happy. 

Your intentions for 2024 do not have to be big extravagant goals and dreams. They can be the simple things, the little things, the things that mean the most to you. My invitation to you is to take time to think about what really lights you up. But not just surface level light you up, imagine it’s 365 days from now (actually 366 - hello leap year!) and tune into that frequency of how it truly feels to wake up as this person that you aspire to be. 

You might even start with number 3 first, and then work backwards from that point. Because maybe tuning into how you want to feel, will help you decide what you want more of, and what you therefore want less of. 

For example, looking at my list of feelings and wanting to feel peaceful, I will need to ensure that I spend little time in conflict, seeking out negativity and sitting in anxiety and anger. How will I do this? Choose who I spend time with, make sure my weeks have time for activities that soothe my anxiety and allow anger to come and go. Not disrupting its path, thus harboring it. 

What do you think? Are you going to set New Years resolutions this year? Or will you try doing more/ less and then connecting to how you want to feel? 

With love and best New Years wishes,Lisa x 

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