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Client testimonials 

Hear what they have to say!! 

12 week 1:2:1 client 

"Working with Lisa has not just increased my confidence and debunked my crazy thoughts and limiting beliefs but it's actually changed my life. When Lisa started coaching me I was in a place of lack. I didn't know what I wanted or the path I wanted to be on. With Lisa's support and incredible coaching skills I have not only found the path I want to be on but I am on the road and fully making the most of this new found confidence Lisa has ignited in me. Upon starting my sessions with Lisa I had just left a very intense professional  course with a mere 12 weeks of qualifying! Some say I'm crazy but without doing so I wouldn't have worked with Lisa and I wouldn't have believed in myself. I am now the owner of a start up business and couldn't be happier that I took the time and support of Lisa to really work on myself. I owe much of my success to this incredible lady. Lisa has genuinely changed my life."

12 week 1:2:1 client 

"Morning, I just wanted to say the positive stories you have helped me to develop has enabled me to have a fantastic time over the past 3 days at a country festival. Thank you so much for giving me back my sparkle." 

Instagram post caption - 

"Thank you Lisa for inspiring me to go on a date with myself......

Although I have my flaws which I am working hard to rectify I realised I am a wonderful person and very lucky to have the life I'm living xx"

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