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Brand new group coaching programme - Launching in September 2023!
For the woman who is ready to feel empowered, worthy and good enough - exactly as she is! 

Do you want to go from being your own biggest critic to your own biggest cheerleader?  

Are you sick of feeling like your own needs don't matter whilst you watch everyone else effortlessly put themselves first? 

What would it feel like if you were able to treat yourself with the kindness and compassion that you so effortlessly give to others? 


Intentional ✨ is the exact thing you need to get you there! 

Tell me lovely, is this where you are right now? 

We hate the term "people pleasing" but it accurately fits the bill 

You are always tuning in to the opinions of others and seeking out their validation and approval at the expense of your own desires and values. 

Your emotional wellbeing is quite low down your priority list 

Suppressing your true thoughts and emotions seems to be easier than expressing them as you don't like to 'rock the boat' and tell people how you really feel. You know you can handle it anyway, so you keep quiet about the things that actually upset you.

You hear people talk about boundaries and you wonder how they can confidently set and keep them 

That feels like a distant dream and you deep down believe that this just isn't possible for you. I mean you can keep some, but with the people closest to you ... that would just be too hard to express how you truly feel. 

You constantly overextend yourself and say yes to others wayyyy more than you say yes to yourself 

"No" doesn't seem to be in your vocabulary and even when you strongly want to say no - you find yourself agreeing to things without a second thought of your own well-being. 

Neglecting your self care is something that is happening more frequently 

Instilling a bit of discipline to maintain good nutritional structure, healthy sleep patterns and sometimes your personal hygiene seems to be happening more and more.

I bet you're wondering if I can read your mind right?

The only reason I can say all of these things is BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN THERE MYSELF!

The things I described above absolutely used to be me! In fact, I probably wrote them in a tame way if I was trying to represent the person I used to be. 

I used to show up in a life as a confident shy person, if that makes any sense. I say confident shy because although I came across as quite chatty and bubbly, I wasn't being my true self. I was the ultimate people pleaser and often described myself as 'easy going' and someone who went with the flow... when in reality, I was afraid of truly expressing my wants and needs. 

Truth is, I also didn't really know what I wanted. I remember a time when I was asked about the foods I liked to eat after coming away from a strict bodybuilding regime and I burst into tears. That conversation quite literally summed up my life. I had no clue about who I was or what I wanted and I knew that something had to change. 

Thats when my journey back to myself began and it's honestly the best thing that I have EVER done for myself. 

I started thinking about who I was and what I wanted and getting Intentional ✨  with everything that I did. It's a process that has quite literally changed my life and I want the same for you too. 

IMG_1202 (1).jpg

I went from feeling dis-empowered, unfulfilled and lost to feeling like I know who I am, through loving myself and choosing myself every day.

I have truly learned how to prioritise my own needs, put myself first and implement boundaries over the last few years and I have created Intentional  to teach you the same things too. 

1:2:1 client - S 

“The positive stories you have helped me to develop has enabled me to have a fantastic time over the past 3 days at a festival. Thank you so much for giving me back my sparkle 💖 "

Like I've already said, I know exactly how you're feeling right now which is why I created....

Intentional ✨

It is my absolute passion to support other women on their journey to rediscovering their best and most confident version of themselves or becoming it.


I think it's because I have been there and know how you're feeling and I also know how good it feels to be on this side of putting the work in and waking up each day feeling like a totally different person without the negative self talk and disempowering thought patterns. Knowing how it feels to be confident to make decisions that give you that warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy without the huge presence of self doubt that lingered for such a long time. Living a life knowing that you are putting yourself first without feeling selfish. Not settling for second best in any area of your life and achieving things that only your former self could have dreamed about! 

We only get one life, this is not a dress rehearsal and you are entitled to live the life of your dreams! 

And this is how we are going to do it, together.

Inside Intentional ✨ you will receive: 

Total of 12 weekly calls

6 teaching focused weeks


6 open sessions for implementation and open coaching 

A special guest expert

Somatic movement and feminine embodiment 🌹 

Weekly journal prompts

Optional journal prompts to support integration 

1. Clarity - Getting clear on what you want is essential to knowing where you are going. This can be fun and exciting as we delve into your desires and really think about what you want to achieve as well as map out the vision for your future 

2. Identifying limiting beliefs - Identifying the blocks that are holding you back including the conscious (things you are aware of) and the subconscious beliefs (the ones you don't have an awareness of) and bringing them to the surface so that we can get to work on releasing them in order to move forward. 

3. Releasing limiting beliefs - Belief work is a paramount part of the process. This is where the magic starts to happen. Once you begin transforming the beliefs that have been keeping you stuck, you start to clear the path for your true desires to enter and unfold. 

4. Energy, energy, energy - You need to be a vibrational match for what you desire and this is the part of the process where we address and release the negative energy. We start to look at the negative behaviour patterns you have and start to change them. 

5. Intentional action - We revisit the goals you set for yourself at the beginning and re-evaluate if they match your newly established mindset. 


6. Future plan of action - Together we will map out the intentions for the following year, identifying the steps you will need to get there and the action you will need to take. 

Early bird offer! 

Get £50 off if you sign up before 23:59pm BST on 21st September 2023!! 

Use code: EARLY50BIRD

If you are well and truly done with worrying about others opinions of you, feeling fully confident in trusting yourself and your decisions and showing up in life as your unapologetic self then lets make magic together and do this ✨ 

Women Holding Hands

Your investment ✨ 

All of this for only £597!! I have poured my heart and soul into this experience and I can't wait to serve the women who are ready to take Intentional ✨ action towards the future they truly desire. 

£50 off if you sign up before 23:59pm BST on 16/09/2023 (to be redeemed once if opting for payment plan)

Payment plans available: 

1 payment of £597 

Bonus 60 minute 1:2:1 session with me

2 payments of £300

Payment 1 to be made now
Payment 2 on week 6. 

3 payments of £205

Payment 1 to be made now

Payment 2 on week 4

Payment 3 on Week 8

1:2:1 client - SJ

"Working with Lisa has not just increased my confidence and debunked my crazy thoughts and limiting beliefs but it's actually changed my life. When Lisa started coaching me I was in a place of lack. I didn't know what I wanted or the path I wanted to be on. With Lisa's support and incredible coaching skills I have not only found the path I want to be on but I am on the road and fully making the most of this new found confidence Lisa has ignited in me. Upon starting my sessions with Lisa I had just left a very intense professional  course with a mere 12 weeks of qualifying! Some say I'm crazy but without doing so I wouldn't have worked with Lisa and I wouldn't have believed in myself. I am now the owner of a start up business and couldn't be happier that I took the time and support of Lisa to really work on myself. I owe much of my success to this incredible lady. Lisa has genuinely changed my life."



How do I know this is right for me?

Only you can answer that question lovely, but I would say, If you've read all this information so far then let's think about why you're hesitating signing up...whats holding you back? I'd say you are clearly interested but take your time to think it through.


Why should I invest in myself right now?

I know investing in yourself can be scary and I truly understand the hesitations. I always think to myself ... what is the cost of me NOT making this investment? Do I really want the time to pass anyway but I'll still feel like I am stuck where I am? 


What happens if I can't make all the calls?

All the calls will be recorded and you will have access to the replays so missing the odd call won't matter too much but if you think you won't be able to attend any of them live then I would say this isn't the right time/ programme for you and lets chat about other ways to work together.

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