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At last .... The Self Love Sisterhood membership is here! 

Join the Self Love Sisterhood to truly unlock your potential and discover what has been holding you back from living your most confident and empowered life.   


I know what it is like to be living a life that feels unfulfilled, a bit lack lustre and everything feels tricky whilst you are trying to navigate who you are and figure out what you want. 

This membership is here to connect you with a sisterhood community that will be on the journey with you whilst you discover/ uncover or maybe recover your best self. It is a safe space to unpick those tricky things that have been holding you back so that you can really step up and achieve the goals you have only dreamed about until now. 


 It is my absolute passion to support other women on their journey to rediscovering their best and most confident version of themselves or becoming it, including you babe! NOW IS YOUR TIME TO SHINE ✨ !! 


The reason I can say that I get it is because I have been there and I know first hand how you're currently feeling. And I get how it can be confusing and overwhelming and quite frankly, a bit shiz. I also know how good it feels to be on the other side of putting the work in, waking up each day feeling like a totally different person. Knowing how it feels to be confident to make decisions that give you that warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy. Knowing that you are putting yourself first, not just settling for second best in any area of your life and achieving things that only your former self could have dreamed about! 

We only get one life, this is not a dress rehearsal and you are entitled to live the life of your dreams!


Side note - the life of your dreams might just be you living a life, feeling like you are able to put yourself first whilst feeling confident enough to stand up for yourself too 🫶 

This membership is for you if: 
  • Waking up feeling unfulfilled is becoming more and more of your reality

  • You struggle to implement and set boundaries, and then stick to them

  • You've lost your identity to your partner/ your children/ your work life and you want to rediscover who you are

  • You find it hard to put yourself first 

  • You're craving a sisterhood, a community of like minded women and you're ready to start THRIVING 

  • You have a fear of being seen for exactly who you are and you're ready to change this, starting today!

It's not for for you if: 
  • You're on the fence about feeling ready to put the work in, I cant do it for you even if I wish that I could! 

  • It's not quite the right time to feel your most empowered self

  • You're not willing to consistently put the work in to elevate to your best self

  • You have a problem for every solution and you're unwilling to let go of the baggage that you've carried for far too long! 

If you are ready to take the first step in becoming your best self... 


then I am extremely excited to announce I am opening up the

Self Love Sisterhood membership 

starting 30th October 2023!!

What does the membership include?

Each month we will focus on a theme so that we can really get to grips with implementing changes. 

- Your own personal members area

- 1 x Monthly themed workshop held over on zoom

- 1 x Zoom catch up 2 weeks later to discuss how the monthly theme is going for you (this call is where the live coaching will take place) 

- Voxer community to connect with me and your soul sisters in between calls

- Monthly journal prompts released into your membership area as well as emailed to you once a month 

All this for just £47 a month!


What happens if I join mid way through the month? 

Thats ok. Your payments will run monthly from your sign up date and you will get instant access to all modules so you can get stuck in straight away.

Is there a minimum contract or commitment? 

Self development isn't an overnight fix and I would strongly encourage you to commit to the membership for at least 3 months in order to get the best out of it. 

What happens if I can't make the live calls

All the calls will be recorded and uploaded to your members area so you will be able to catch up with them at your own leisure. Missing the odd call won't be the end of the world but showing up live each month is how you will get the most out of the membership. 

Any other questions - please reach out to us and ask and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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